J. Cole’s 2016 album is a shining example of how it can take time to recognize greatness and fully grasp the message behind the music.

Even the greatest musicians have an album or two that seem to fall flat. Plenty of hip hop legends have dropped projects that have garnered negative attention from both fans and critics. Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, Eminem’s Relapse, and Kanye West’s Ye are all proof that even the most heralded artists just come up short from time to time. Even the seemingly invincible Lil Wayne, who put out a run of classic mixtapes, along with his…

The day that lightning struck twice and changed hip-hop forever.

With her second solo effort, Phoebe Bridgers deals with complicated emotions in an apocalyptic world and reminds us all that we are not alone.

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The apocalypse is upon us. We are collectively trudging through a dystopian nightmare. Cities burn while their citizens are pushed further and further apart by a gaping chasm created by a broken political system. In this environment it is easy to feel insignificant. It’s easy to turn inward and wrestle with the questions of “does anything I do really fucking matter?” “If this really was the end, what have I actually contributed to the world?”


Pop Punk’s Savior: How Machine Gun Kelly Is Bringing An Entire Genre Back To The Forefront

I wake up every morning and thank the powers that be that I grew up in the early 2000s. Motorola Razrs,*~*AIM aWaY MeSsAgEs*~*(brb, showering), MySpace Top Eights, MTV Hits, and iPods. The internet was just starting to blossom. “Going outside” was still the main source of entertainment for a kid. TikTok didn’t exist. What a time to be alive. Most importantly though, pop punk was thriving.

Blink182, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Sum 41, Yellowcard, Simple Plan, Paramore…

Keith Devlin

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